Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Millie is ONE

Millie turned one on May 7th. i cant believe its been a whole year! she's been a very fun, and sweet baby. she gets so silly when she tired and has been a great solid food eater. she is hard to read at times, she knows what she wants and is very determined. she's happy to sit and play or read by herself as long as johnny isn't too close. but she loves to watch johnny and pat him. 
we didn't do much the day of her birthday, jake was at school all day and it was pretty cold.we went to the mall and got her some shoes and she got a birthday balloon from the sales guy. and we did go to disneyland for a few hours that night and i made her cupcakes. 

happy birthday baby girl!

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  1. she's so cute & little! i wanna squeeze her. happy birthday millie!